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Turkey: Officials Leave Food At Park, Gardens For Stray Animals Amid Lockdown

Amid coronavirus lockdown, Turkey officials are leaving food out for homeless animals on a regular basis so that they don’t go hungry during unprecedented times


Amid coronavirus lockdown, Turkey officials are leaving food out for stray animals on a regular basis so that they don’t go hungry. According to a local Turkish media outlet, the Interior Ministry issued circular outlining plans to help homeless animals affected by the lockdown measures. The authorities have teamed up local administration to leave food at designated locations so that animals are not starving. 

While speaking to the media outlet, the ministry said that food and water will be left at parks, gardens and animal shelters for the street animals. Turkey, which has more than 61,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, has strict lockdown measures due to which several animals in the country are receiving less food. Caring for needy animals is also a part of Turkish culture and society and in a bid to help them during unprecedented times, the authority has decided to provide food for them. 

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Precautionary measures 

Meanwhile, with an increasing number of cases and with almost 1,296 deaths, Turkey government is doing everything to contain the spread of the deadly virus. The country reportedly also launched a programmed to provide all the nationals free surgical masks as well. According to an international media report, Turkey launched a website where the citizens can register to receive five free surgical masks per week, which will web delivered by the national postal service.

While speaking to an international media outlet, Turkey President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that the country has enough mask stock and production plans for all of the citizens until the outbreak ends. He further added that the country is determined to provide free masks to all the citizens and official residents. As per reports, Erdogan also banned the sale of the masks amid accusations of price-gouging. 

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Furthermore, Turkey also ordered schools to shut down and further also ordered residents over 65 years or under 20 years to remain confined to their homes. However, Erdogan reportedly also vowed to keep the wheels of production and several businesses, factories and construction sites to remain operational. Furthermore, Turkey also announced the construction of two 1,000-bed hospitals to treat coronavirus patients in Istanbul, which is the hardest-hit city but the pandemic. 

As per reports, the country has also barred entry and exits from 31 Turkish cities, except for the transportation of essential goods. The government officials have also advised the public to stay at home, however, also resisted calls to impose a total lockdown in the country. Erdogan’s government has also received criticism from the opposition parties who have demanded more stringent lockdown measures. 

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