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Turkish Man Wears A Head-cage To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

A Turkish man found a solid solution to keep his nicotine cravings at bay-- he locked his head in a cage, rooting to stop the cigarette from reaching his mouth. 

Ibrahim Yücel, the 42 year old smoker lacks faith in his own willpower so he keeps the key of his face-cage with his family to avoid temptations. The Turkish man found his inspiration from another health campaign- safety helmet for motorbike riders that he thought of imbibing the same idea for his smoking habit.

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The heavy smoker is known to be smoking two packets of cigerattes a day since he was 16 years of age as per media reports. But, thought of quitting after his father passed away of lung cancer for his family. 

Despite several failed attempts of quitting from his smoking addiction, Yücel always gave in to his nicotine cravings. 

Although initially his family was dubious of this absurd set-up of walking around with a head-cage, a few days later they finally came around hoping that this might actually help him give up on the addiction. 

On the other side of the world, a Tokyo-based company is giving non-smoking employees a six day additional paid day offs. The thought came after an employee complained of smoking employees working less because of the cigarette breaks they take throughout working hours.

The company spokesperson said that the smoking breaks take about 40 minutes each day from the employee's desk life. 

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Since the company introduced its new non-smoking incentive, 4 out of 42 smokers have already given up. A lot of companies in Japan have started banning employees from smoking at work. It is known that 1 out of 5 adults in Japan are habitual smokers, and smoking rooms are often found in public spaces and offices.