Turkish Military Bases In Syria Would Be 'unacceptable', Says Iran

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Iran said that any Turkish plan to establish military bases in Syria is “unacceptable” and that it would make them face opposition from the Islamic republic.

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Iran said on October 21 that any Turkish plan to establish military bases in Syria is “unacceptable” and that it would make them face opposition from the Islamic republic along with other countries. This is in response to President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement on October 18 that Turkey would set up 12 observational posts inside Syria and also warned to resume the military offensive if Kurdish forces cross the border. However, the spokesman of Iran's foreign ministry, Abbas Mousavi reportedly criticized the plan while answering the question in a news conference. 

'Can do anything in own territory'

According to Iran, Turkey can have as any bases on their own land as they can do anything in their own territory and contain the happenings within borders. However, establishing Turkish military bases in Syria will be unacceptable. This step would further be seen by Iran as an aggression against the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent country. Moreover, Turkey will face opposition from other countries based on their plans regarding Syria. Earlier, Iran had also called for the halt of Turkish military operation in Syria which was also announced by President Erdogan on October 9. 

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The present situation in Syria

The Syria-backed Kurdish forces left the besieged Syrian border from the town of Ras al-Ain in the first retraction under the peace truce with Turkey and the United States. Kino Gabriel, the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that the Kurdish-led group had no fighters left in Ras al-Ain after the evacuation that took place on October 20. Turkey's defense ministry had earlier confirmed that a convoy of nearly 86 vehicles carrying the US-backed Syrian fighters had departed from the border town in the direction of Tal Tamr, a town located about 40 kilometers to the south. 

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US intervention 

The arrangements between the Turkey-Syria border were disturbed when the United States President Donald Trump ordered the US troops to leave the North Syrian border and instead guard their American boundaries. Soon after the shift in policy by the US, President Erdogan had launched a military offensive in Northeastern Syria to clear out the “terrorist forces”. On further criticism by the European countries, Turkey also threatened to send millions of refugees. US President Donald Trump is also contemplating to leave behind a small contingent of the troops, around 200, in eastern Syria to prevent any reversals of the gains made against the Islamic State.

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