Uber Pet Ride, The New Uber Feature To Travel With Your Pet Buddies

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Uber provides its customers with an "Uber Pet" feature for the pet passengers to ride with their pets. The customer will be charged a small amount of surcharge

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
Uber Pet Ride

The worldwide popular Uber cab service is providing its customers with an exciting new option to make sure that the drivers are well informed if their customers wish to carry their pets along. 

The new “Uber pet” feature

Uber in a statement revealed that currently, it is examining its new feature of “Uber Pet”. The feature is similar to booking Uber X or UberPool. Once the customer chooses this option, it will provide advance information to the driver whether their customer will carry the pet or not. Accordingly, the drivers can accept or reject the cab request as per the new pet policy of Uber. The Uber representative informed global media that in case the driver accepts the request for the “Uber Pet” ride then the customer will be charged a small amount of money, what they call it as, a surcharge. The representative further added that after extensive analysis of the price, a very subtle amount of surcharge will be charged on the ride. The surcharge will amount between $3 to $5 depending on the pet. Uber is taking the surcharge, an extra fee on the standard ride fare which is normally charged from the customer. The driver will also receive a certain amount from it. 

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The new feature will over past confusions

Uber stated that the initial trials of the feature will begin from October 16, in various cities of the United States, which include Tampa Bay, Denver, Minneapolis-St Paul, Austin, Philadelphia. However, the customers will also have an option to select the type of pet from the Uber application. The feature will certainly offer a peaceful and happy ride for the pet passengers. Earlier there were no official alternatives for the pet lovers to carry their pets along, especially in case of emergency and taking them to the hospital. It was also a trouble for the driver but now this Uber feature will probably overcome the past prevailing confusion.

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