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US: Health Workers Defend Lockdown Amid Protests Demanding To Reopen Economies

Medical professionals & health workers are defending the government's move of economic shut down in the wake of health emergency due to COVID-19 crisis


As the protestors in the United States are out on streets to force the governments across the country to open the economy, a new video has surfaced where the medical professionals and health care workers are defending the government's move of economic shut down in the wake of health emergency due to COVID-19.

Health workers face down anti-lockdown protesters

The medical professionals from the state of North Carolina were seen facing down the protestors who wanted to reopen the economy.

In the video, a protestor slammed the frontline warriors stating that he earlier used to respect the first responders but not anymore.

"I used to teach my kids to respect the police, to respect you guys (medical professionals), to respect first responders, not anymore, because the only response you have is to your pay-checks," said the protestor to the medical professionals who came out on streets to defend the move of lockdown.

The protestors shouted the slogans 'let us work' in protest against the lockdown. While the frontline warriors were seen holding placards like 'stay home for me'.

A health care worker said, "It's too dangerous for the health care workers, its dangerous for the immunocompromised and its dangerous for the North Carolinians."

Coming out in support of the lockdown, another medical professional said, "I came here to send a clear message to the legislators that we do not need to reopen NC (North Carolina), we need to keep it closed and we need to continue to flatten the curve."

While another medical professional said, "We aren't through it yet. If we were to reopen now, we would see a resurgence. It would overwhelm the health care systems and it would put the vulnerable in our community at risk."

Days ago, protestors from Michigan armed with assault rifles barged into Michigan’s State House demanding freedom from lockdown as the state governor Gretchen Whitmer was to announce the lockdown extension in view of the COVID-19 health crisis. In order to protect the governor, the state police then blocked the armed men from moving further into the building.

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