Venezuela Asks Brazil To Hand Over 5 'deserters' Suspected Of Raid

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Venezuela asked Brazil to hand over 5 military 'deserters' who had been detained in suspicion of involvement in raid on a remote military outpost last week.

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Venezuela reportedly asked Brazil to hand over five military 'deserters' who had been detained in suspicion of involvement in a raid on a remote military outpost in southern Venezuela lask week. The Brazil government, on the other hand, said that they were processing asylum claims from the fiver deserting Venezuelan soldiers, however, they did not mention anything about the raid. According to international media reports, the soldiers are suspected of involvement in the attack.

One Venezuelan soldier reportedly dies as well in the attack on the garrison in Bolivar state, near the Brazil border. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a statement also said that the government also recovered 111 of the 120 rifles and eight of the nine grenade launchers that were stolen. Maduro had initially also accused Colombia, Peru and Brazil of complicity with the attack, however, all the three countries have denied any attack. 

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While speaking to an international media outlet, Maduro said that a military deserter who enters another country and is detained should be handed over immediately. He also expects Brazil to hand the five suspects over 'comply with international law'. He further said that sooner rather than later, these 'terrorists' would be in the hands of Venezuelan justice. 

'Terrorist attack'

Last week, Venezuela’s defence minister said that “extremist opposition sectors” attacked a military outpost near the border with Brazil, killing at least one soldier before being chased down. He further said at least some of those involved in what he called a “terrorist attack” were detained and being questioned, while the army and other security forces were pursuing the rest. The communication minister, Jorge Rodriguez reportedly claimed that those involved in the attack “were trained in fully identified paramilitary camps in Colombia” and that they collaborated with Brazil’s far-right government. 

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According to international media reports, since February, approximately hundred Venezuelan soldiers have defected and fled to Colombia, Peru and Brazil. They have also expressed support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó and sought to feed discontent within Venezuela’s armed forces. Venezuelan President, who faced down a small military uprising at the end of April, however, continues to have the support of the military high command.

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