WATCH: In Incredible Video, Bald Eagle Believed To Be Injured Emerges With Enormous Fish

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A video of a bald eagle catching a fish and swimming has gone viral.

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

A video of a bald eagle has gone viral. In a video posted on Twitter which has by now got 68 thousand likes and more than 18 thousand retweets show a bald eagle trying to swim a river using its wings. However, on close observation, it is revealed that the eagle is traveling on a large fish to swim across the river and to reach the shore. The video was taken at St. Croix in one of U.S. Virgin Islands.

Initially, netizens bestow their love and care for the eagle which to them seems injured, as the video proceeds the eagle can be seen holding a fish in its claws and using it to swim through the river to reach the shore. Here is the video: 

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As the video becomes viral, netizens can't help comparing it with their favourite Donald Trump Gif in which an eagle sits above the cake placed at Donald Trump's table. As the eagle flapping its wings clutches the cake in its grip, Trump leaves his table. Here is the gif that made the netizens roll on the floor laughing

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However, few netizens got emotional as another video surfaced in which the bald eagle was seen eating the same fish. IN the first footage, when the fish try to wriggle back into the water, the eagle held on to the fish with its talons and pulled it back in. Netizens showed their concern for the fishes who are the victims most of the times and others praised the raw power of the eagle. 

Here is the video:

Some reactions after the follow-up video: 

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