WATCH | Netizens In Splits After Mexican Band Begins Playing Titanic Theme Song As Mall Begins To Flood

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A band in Mexico performed Titanic's theme song in a flooded mall

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Updated On:
Image Source: Twitter

Amidst a flooded shopping mall in Mexico, where one would expect chaos, people were left in splits when a band performed a song.

The reason for this hilarious outcome was because of a band that decided to play the Titanic theme song. As rainwater poured in from the roof, the band started their performance.

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The performance spectators were in big numbers in spite of the heavy downpour of rains. The people who were present were laughing and giggling throughout the performance. They lined up to watch this glorious performance from the upper levels of the bustling shopping plaza.

Netizens too had their share of joy amidst the miserable condition of the mall after watching the video of the band which immediately surfaced online and went viral within minutes. The video has fetched over seven million views. Thanks to Twitterati, the video has cracked-up hoards of people across the world, most of them who browse social media for events like these. 

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One person who had quite some time posted the video and mentioned his reaction where he says that he was over elated:

This incident occurred at the Plaza Patria Mall in Zapopan Jalisco. The band performed Celine Dion’s chartbuster ‘My heart will go on’ . Even so, the mall scenario was not as serious as the movie, where the band played the song in a bid to distract people from the agony on the sinking ship. People appreciated and welcomed the band’s sense of humor. 

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The mall has a history of getting flooded during rains every year. Local news agencies reported that the mall has been affected by torrential downpours affecting businesses. Even so, the shops that night decided to remain open until the band was done with their performance. 

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