Befriending Your Meal: When Frog Deciedes Not To Have The Mouse For Lunch

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A photographer has caught an extraordinary moment when a frog opens its mouth to chow down on a mouse for its meal and then changes his mind.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A photographer has caught an extraordinary moment in Indonesia when a frog opens its mouth to chow down on a mouse for its meal. However, it suddenly changes its mind and decides to become pals with the rodent.

Anyone can be friends

The series of extraordinary photos were captured by Tanto Yensen. The series of photos by Yensen shows the moments and interactions between the frog and the mouse. The first photo shows the exact moment the frog opens his mouth, sticks its tongue out and is moments away from striking, while the little mouse which seems to have given up on life sits quietly with its eyes closed. But as one proceeds to the other pictures of the series, once can see how the frog changes its mind and the mouse looks up, seemingly surprised, to find itself alive. Grateful, the little mouse puts its paws on top on the frog's head in a gesture of thanks for not having him as his meal. The tiny mouse then sniffs and kisses the frog for avoiding meal in the last picture of the series.

While talking to the media, Yensen said that usually frogs eat mice and he could not understand why this one did not. He posted the pictures on his Instagram handle with the caption of 'Prey Becomes Friend'.

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