World Animal Day: New Global Animal Welfare Assurance Scheme Launched

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Another Global Animal Welfare Assurance campaign to improve the lives of animals living on the farms kicked start on October 4 i.e The World Animal Day.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:
World Animal Day

Another Global Animal Welfare Assurance campaign to improve the lives of animals living on the farm kicked start on October 4 on the occasion of World Animal Day. With the University of Bristol at the forefront, it expects to impart information and best advice and practices to farmers and organizations dealing in the food sector to expand these measures to a higher standard in relation to these animals.

Ensuring a better world for animals

With the Farm Animal Welfare Forum and Tubney Charitable Trust providing monetary benefit by infusing capital, the campaign has been created and launched with logistical help from the Bristol Vet School and the Royal Agricultural University and comprises of five experienced welfare  affirmation plans namely SPCA Blue Tick , the Soil Association , Global Animal Partnership, RSPCA Assured and Beter Leven.

The founding blocks of the campaign

The Global Animal Welfare Assurance campaign will mainly focus on imparting necessary knowledge and relevant experiences to organizations that are a part of this welfare campaign. It will further be a part of systems that will focus on animal welfare assurances. Lastly, it will also offer professional help to corporate setups which aim to fulfill their promises that lie in accordance with the campaign. 

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According to David Main, a lecturer on production animal health, coming together of so many organizations will significantly help customers and commodities based on food supply chain sources from animals that have lived a disease-free and healthy life. 

Another expert in Animal Welfare Science stated that the welfare campaign is a golden opportunity as people with the same end objective have come together to improve the conditions of farm-based animals from all over the world by sharing scientifically approved measures and guarantee the authenticity of claims based on animal welfare by food-based corporate organizations.

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Similar Animal Welfare Program 

In a similar Animal Welfare program, the Pets for Life program focuses on providing free of cost services or services that require minimal costs. Started by The Humane Society in the year 2010, it has accounted for about 100,000 surgeries that have helped in controlling animal(pet) overpopulation. 

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