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World Turtle Day Wishes And Quotes To Share With Your Friends And Family

World Turtle Day Wishes to send and forward to your friends and post on social media while celebrating this day on May 23rd. Have a look here

world turtle day wishes

World Turtle Day is celebrated each year on May 23rd since the year 2000. The celebration was proposed by the American Tortoise Rescue Organization. The day is celebrated to focus on turtles and increment information and regard for turtles and tortoises and to urge human activity to assist organizations like American Tortoise Rescue, in their endeavours.

Below, we have made the assortment of the Best World Turtle Day quotes, sayings, messages, greetings, facts, and wishes for you to share it on your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and raise awareness about the same.

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World Turtle Day wishes, quotes, and sayings-

World Turtle Day Wishes

  • We can all contribute in small ways to saving the lives of turtles in the world. - Happy World Turtle Day!
  • Turtles, the wonderful creation of God. Let's share awareness about World Turtle Day!
  • We have grown seeing these cute animals around us and now it is our responsibility to make sure that our coming generations also get to see them and love them.
  • Let us save the little turtles by showing our responsibility as a human, let us celebrate the World Turtle Day together.
  • Life for turtles is long unless humans prey them and make them their lunch and dinner. Let's save turtles. - Let's share World Turtle Day awareness in the whole world!
  • Spread love and make the earth a better place to live for turtles. - Happy World Turtle Day!

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World Turtle Day Quotes to share and forward to your friends-

  • Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell. - Bill Copeland
  • World turtle day is here to make every person aware of the sorry state in which turtles are living. - Unknown
  • God has made humans the most intelligent ones and hence it stands as our responsibility to take care of the turtles who are about to get extinct.
  • Turtles are an amazing creature of God having more intelligence than humans. - Unknown
  • Turtles are beautiful and cute but they are innocent and deserving of a better life. - Unknown
  • Turtles have their own life, let them live safely. - Unknown

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  • Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. - James Bryant Conant
  • The conscience of mankind is what paves the way for turtle’s existence on earth and the future of their breed. - Unknown
  • Keep moving, no matter what pace, just keep moving. It is an essential lesson learned from a turtle. - Unknown
  • It is only about time that turtles will only be found in textbooks and the internet. - Unknown
  • Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause. - Bruce Feiler
  • Every Sea and ocean is incomplete without the population of turtles. - Unknown
  • Turtles are great in the ocean and not on your plates. - Unknown
  • Walk slowly like the turtle but stay focused too and you will get victory assured. - Unknown
  • A turtle is at its happiest best when they float in the sea and stay safe from waste. - Unknown

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