'World's Worst Cat': Owners Argue Over Whose Kitty Is Most Annoying

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'World's Worst Cat'post makes owners argue over whose cat is most annoying. Christopher Ingraham posted about his attention-seeking feline on twitter.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:
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When a twitter user named Christopher Ingraham posted about the 'World's Worst Cat', who wakes up his entire family by barging into the toddler's room at 6 in the morning and waking the child up, the entire internet related to it. Christopher did not rest with one tweet and posted a follow-up tweet in which he added that the naughty feline "literally throws himself against the door" until it opens and then pounds on and terrifies the two-year-old. He claimed that his cat runs around the house, knowing that if caught, he will have to face the consequences. Just then several users replied to the post with pictures and stories of their own cats who had been misbehaving or trying to catch their attention. Take a look at the original post.

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Netizens compete to claim the "World's Worst Cat"

Users started to compete for deeming the "World's Worst Cat". Some said that their cats dittoed what Christopher's cat did. Others shared instances of how their cat "sidles up and thumps her tail" against them. A user wrote his "evil cat" just stares at him until he gets up and feeds it. Likewise, another talked of his pet cat who has not let its owner sleep a "full night in bed for over a year". Here is the epic competition.

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