Youtuber Fabio Mattinson Gets Paid To Eat With Mukbang Challenge

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Youtuber Fabio Mattinson gets paid to eat with Mukbang challenge videos posted on her Youtube channel. Mukbang is a process of eating broadcast from South Korea

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Fabio Mattison

Youtuber Fabio Mattinson is earning by making videos under the Mukbang challenge which involves posting videos of savoring meals watched by viewers online. The viewership, of course, is the key to the revenue but the trend which rose in South Korea is now making around on the internet since 2009. Mattinson said the media that she was very conscious about what she ate and had eating disorders. Mukbang eased her and let her enjoy her meal freely. 

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This is how Fabio earns while she eats

Fabio started creating the videos and posting it on her youtube channel since 2018. She said the media that her videos and the process of people watching her online while she's eating have been eating has been therapeutic. By now she has 8000 subscribers and 200 videos on youtube. In each of her videos, she savors different kinds of food, both healthy and junk which thousands of audience watch online. Have a look at one of her videos.

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Mukbang is therapeutic

There have been several testimonies by people who have called Mukbang therapeutic. Consumer psychologist Michal Strahilevitz, an associate professor of marketing at Saint Mary’s College of California, said the media that watching people binge eat is a whole lot healthier than binge eating yourself. There have been many examples of people who satisfied their cravings by only watching the video. So, in that way, it's really helpful.

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What is Mukbang?

Mukbang in Korean means eating broadcast which is short sounds like 'eatcast'. Livestreaming binge eating videos started in Korea in 2009 and soon became a craze. By now it has traveled all over the world and Fabio is one of the first in the UK to join the brigade. It not only brings cash in but makes eating a social activity said Victor Chang, marketing manager for the South Korea-based fried chicken restaurant chain Bonchon to the media. He added that It’s a way of connecting people through meals even when they are miles apart.

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