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Ecuador: Sangay Volcano Eruption Wraps Cities In Ash, Respiratory Issues Feared Amid COVID

Ecuador’s Sangay volcano was seen spewing hot lava propelling the ash toward the coast and the largest city, Guayaquil recently hit by the COVID-19.


In Ecuador's Amazon region, a severe volcanic eruption on June 7 left cities covered in ash further posing the threat to the health of the citizens of the South American nation amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Ecuador’s Sangay volcano was seen spewing hot lava propelling the ash toward the coast and the largest city, Guayaquil recently hit by the COVID-19 respiratory disease. Further, the recent change in the wind direction targetted the calamity towards human-inhabited districts, although, the volcano’s remote location had less impact from moderate eruptions over the years on people.  

Geophysical Institute of Ecuador’s researcher, Benjamin Bernard, was quoted saying, the ash erupted out of the Sangay volcano and it violently spreads into the Guayas province. He added a massive quantity of ash was witnessed in the direction of the Guayaquil province that raises concerns about the wellbeing of the people. However, the institute has speculated that no major eruptions are expected to take place in the weeks ahead, although, a series of moderate volcanic outbursts can be seen.  

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'Ash' causes fears of respiratory distress

Earlier, in April, the province of Guayaquil witnessed one of the worst coronavirus impacts in the whole of the country as it struggled to bury the fatalities from the respiratory disease COVID-19. The death rate was so high that the authorities couldn’t keep a count of it. Further, the Ecuadorian government had to distribute the wooden coffins to residents in the worst affected, Guayaquil. Also, a dedicated helpline was set up to help families to remove corpses from homes, as per reports. As many as 800 bodies were removed per day by the police officers as more people reported severe respiratory issues as the symptom of the disease.  

Therefore, as per the reports, with volcanic eruptions to continue in the coming days, the Guayaquil airport halted flights to clear the runway and sanitize the premises. Furthermore, the authorities had to remove the excess ash from public spaces to avert potential respiratory issues among the public, coupled with mounting fears of the resurgence of coronavirus asymptomatic cases. As of June 10, Ecuador’s health ministry announced that the deaths dipped to below 10 per day, speaking at a press conference.  

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