Australian Cricket Journo Drinks Pint Of Beer, Pays Rs 48 Lakhs

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Australian cricket journalist, Peter Lalor has claimed to have drunk the most expensive beer in history at a hotel bar in Malmaison in Manchester on September 5

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An Australian cricket journalist, Peter Lalor has claimed to have drunk the most expensive beer in history at a hotel bar in Malmaison in Manchester on September 5. The hotel charged him nearly 100,000 Australian dollars (£ 55,000) for a single pint of beer which comes out to be roughly Rs 48 Lakhs. Pete Lalor tweeted about the entire incident about his payment of one Scottish Caledonian Deuchars IPA in Malmaison. He said the lesson of the entire incident remains, that one should never forget their glasses while going out.

A beer for RS 48 lakhs?

Peter Lalor, a chief cricket journalist for The Australian (and now beer writer), made a purchase that made a “hole in his finances” on a Sunday night. He wanted something British to drink before the fourth Ashes test at Old Trafford. He has claimed to not have his reading glasses on when he was presented with the bill. Sensing something wrong, when he asked the bartender about how much he had to pay, he got his answer in giggles.

Lalor further sensed something wrong, which was further assured by a call from Lalor's wife. According to him, the sum came out to be of AUD 99,983.64 along with a transaction fee of AUD 2,499.59 that “added to the pain”. Lalor then asked the authorities to fix the issue right away and arrange a refund. However, only the fee has been refunded to his account and the larger part of the sum is still pending.

According to a recent update by Lalor, The authorities of Malmaison are being "more helpful now".

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The real cost of the beer

Reportedly, instead of entering the real cost of the beer which was 5.50 pounds, or AUD 6.78, the bar staff charged Lalor of 55,000 pounds for a single beer. The operator of the Malmaison Hotel was not available during the incident. However, Lalor was later informed that the authorities were investigating the matter.

Lalor also said later that the money was drained from his mortgage offset account and was surprised because he did not receive any notification from his bank. Peter Lalor also said that it will now take nine working days to get the amount through the refund system.

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Netizens sympathize with Lalor

Uncanny incidents have always caught the eye of netizens, and this one especially made people realize the inconvenience that Peter Lalor gone through. One internet user said that he needed a beer himself after reading Lalor's story, and that would visit a different bar for the same. Another user called the whole event a disgrace to read about and said that the authorities should bear all of Lalor's expenses in order to make it up to him.

Some of twitter users also joked that they would buy Peter Lalor a beer in Manchester. However, "only one beer".

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