Boris Johnson Criticised For 'holidaying' Amid US-Iran Tensions

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Criticism mounts on British PM Boris Johnson who has refrained from making any statements on the dramatic escalations in the middle east post airstrike by US.

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Boris Johnson

Criticism mounts on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has refrained from making any statements on the dramatic escalations in the middle east post air rade by the United States. The White House and the Pentagon confirmed on January 3 that the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed by US airstrike at Baghdad's international airport, along with six others. 

As per international reports, Johnson is expected to be back in Downing Street on January 5, however, the leaders from opposition urged the British PM to make statements on the killing on Soleimani. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Conservatives main opposition, the Labour Party wrote a letter to Johnson requesting an 'urgent Privy council briefing' on the domino effects on the UK of Soleimani's assassination. Corbyn also raised a number of questions to the ruling government who has not released any official statement regarding the consequences of the recent US airstrike. Corbyn, who has witnessed the worst Labour defeat in 70 years has not only taken this opportunity to criticise Johnson along with other labour MP's.

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Johnson to meet ministers amid tensions

The reports say that the UK was not warned about the airstrike in advance, however, a government source said that Johnson was being updated at all times during his holiday and will also meet the ministers on January 6 and the foreign leaders 'over the next few days'. While Labour leaders feel that British PM should 'cut short his trip', US and Iran have traded threats of 'revenge' on the killing of top commanders. 

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