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Boris Johnson Loses Third Key Vote, UK MPs Say No Early Election

Written By Varsha Chavan | Mumbai | Published:


  • UK PM Boris Johnson has lost his third vote in Parliament as the lawmakers rejected Johnson’s proposal to hold an early election on October 15
  • Johnson lost his working majority in the British Parliament after the defection of Rebel Conservative Phillip Lee
  • Boris Johnson had wanted to call early elections in a bid for a new Parliament that would back his Brexit policy

In a major setback for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday, lawmakers have rejected Johnson’s proposal to hold an early election on October 15. This comes after Johnson lost his working majority in Parliament after the defection of Tory MP Phillip Lee. PM Johnson later sacked the rebels who voted against him.

Earlier, MPs had backed a Bill aimed at blocking no-deal Brexit if the PM hadn't agreed on a plan with the EU ahead of the October 31 deadline. In less than 24 hours, Boris Johnson has lost three key parliamentary votes, and these three votes were the first votes he faced in Parliament after becoming Prime Minister.

No early election for Johnson

Johnson had earlier warned that he would rather push for an immediate vote on an early general election if the surrender bill cleared all the stages at the House of Commons. Johnson lost the vote on the second reading of the Bill at the parliamentary stage. The second reading examined the main principles of the Bill. It was also the first chance for MPs to show whether they supported the Bill.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been demanding an election for several years. However, he said that he would only back a new election if the legislation blocking a no-deal is already in place.

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'No-deal' Brexit

In another blow for PM Johnson, British lawmakers in the House of Commons passed a bill aimed to bar Boris Johnson from pursuing a 'no-deal' Brexit from the European Union. The new leader had called for an early general election in retaliation, putting his own future and that of his Conservative Party on the line in a bid for a new Parliament that would back his Brexit policy. Johnson had enjoyed a brief honeymoon after taking power in July. He dominated the news with public spending programs while Parliament was in recess.

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Boris Johnson loses the first major vote on Brexit

British PM Johnson on September 3 lost his first major vote in Parliament on Brexit as rebel MPs from his own Conservative Party sided with the Opposition to take control of the House of Commons business, which could delay Brexit and force snap elections. In a vote that went against Johnson 328 votes to 301, the Commons got through a crucial motion that demanded a debate on seeking a further extension from the European Union (EU) to the October 31 Brexit deadline if no withdrawal agreement was in place by mid-October.

The last minute defection of Conservative Tory Phillip Lee caused Johnson to lose his working majority in Parliament. PM Johnson later expelled 21 MPs from his own party after they voted with opposition lawmakers.

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