Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage Dismisses Requests To Stand Down Against Labour Party

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The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage has dismissed all demands to stand down the candidates standing against the UK's main opposition party, Labour Party

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The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage dismissed all demands that he will make the candidates standing against the United Kingdom's main opposition in parliament, the Labour party, stand down on November 14. The Brexit Party leader is putting 'country before party' by not standing candidates in 317 Conservative owned seats. However, the party will continue to fight in the other remaining seats.

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Hold PM Johnson accountable over Brexit

Nigel Farage wants to hold PM Johnson accountable over Brexit. According to the Brexit Party leader, the Conservatives want a Conservative majority in the parliament, not a Brexit majority in parliament. Therefore, he wants to get those MP's in parliament who make sure that they hold Conservatives accountable. Farage acknowledged that there are certain seats in which the Brexit Party holds a clear majority while others where Conservatives hold a clear majority to Labour. However, since Boris Johnson's priority is to not let Brexit Party win any seats in parliament, Farage is targetting Labour and another MP's ensuring there will not be a second referendum on Brexit.

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A setback for Labour Party

Brexit Party's support to the Conservatives can prove as a setback for the Tory leader, Jeremy Corbyn who has also been denoted as 'unfit to lead' by a former Labour Party member. A former member of UK's Labour Party urged the public to vote for the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson instead of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn because he is 'unfit' to lead'. In reference to the snap general elections in the UK scheduled to take place on December 12, Ian Austin, one of the closest to former PM Gordon Brown told a British media agency that the Labour Party has been infected by 'anti-Jewish racism' under the current leadership. Austin had resigned from the party in February this year after the handling of the anti-Semitism scandal.  

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