Britain: Mother Of 10 Boys Finally Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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A British mother, Alexis Brett, has delivered a baby girl recently after giving birth to 10 boys in a row. She said she was really 'shocked and delighted'.

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A British mother, Alexis Brett, has delivered a baby girl recently after giving birth to 10 boys in a row. After she gave birth to her 11th child, she said she was really 'shocked and delighted'. She told a local news outlet that she feels like she is over the moon. On August 27, the 39-year-old woman welcomed a baby girl into the world and named her Cameron. She shared the pictures of the baby girl on her personal blog 'Mum to 10 Boys'. Alexis said she had been expecting her 11th child as a boy but when she found it was a girl she was really surprised and amazed.

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Entire family is in love with the baby

The newborn baby's 10 brothers welcomed her who are aged between 2 to 17. The mother said the entire family is in love with her. The whole family is strongly infatuated. She said this time the boys are very excited. They are desperate to help out and want to do everything for her. She said the girl's brothers are very protective and even put on pretty dresses on her. Alexis and her husband reside in Inverness and are parenting their ten sons. They had decided their daughter's name 17 weeks into the pregnancy. The mother is a fitness instructor who said they didn't really expect to be capable of making a girl. She said they barely thought it was worth finding the gender as it is the same always. Alexis stated that she is ‘already worried about learning to plait hair’ and is enjoying choosing ‘girly outfits’ for her daughter.

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About the family

Both Alexis and her husband Davie, who is a train driver, are suffering from Parkinson's disease has to shop twice a week to ensure they meet the daily needs of the family. The family requires two double doored refrigerators to store all their foods. The family has to go through six glasses of milk and two loaves of bread a day. It's a huge challenge for Alexis to look after the newborn as she has to go to her fitness classes despite the busy schedule. The mother said they are not looking for having more children as she will turn 40 this year. She revealed that it's very hard to take care of so many children. She also added that a lot of people assume that they have so many children because they tried to have a girl but she clarified its not the case.

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