Britain's Notorious Conman's Mother: He May Have Suffered Brain Damage

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Diana Acklom, the mother of the United Kingdom's most notorious man, Mark Acklom reportedly claimed that her son's life of crime as a result of brain damage.

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Mark Acklom

Diana Acklom, the mother of the United Kingdom's most notorious man, Mark Acklom reportedly claimed on October 8 that her son's life of crime is a result of brain damage at his birth. She believes that it could have been a frontal lobe injury at birth because he had a very difficult birth with a forceps and a suction. Moreover, after Mark Acklom was born, he was bruised battered. However, initially the 74-year-old mother of a conman did not think about the possibility of his brain being damaged, but later in life, the mother faced difficulty with his behavior. Diana Acklom had also dismissed the signs for a long time after real problems began to surface. 

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The Serial English Conman

In August 2019, the UK's most notorious man was jailed at the Bristol Crown Court after confessing that he conned a woman Carolyn Woods. He reportedly took £300,000 from her after pretending to a rich Swiss-based banker and the MI6 agent. Acklom was living with his family in a mansion nearby that he rented with the money he received from the lady he later fooled. The 46-year-old serial conman got arrested in Zurich on June 30, 2018. Acklom has plenty of cases registered against his name in several countries. He is also on the list of National Crime Agency's list of 10 most wanted fugitives in the UK. In his personal life, Acklom is married to Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriques and also has two daughters.

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One more jail term

Mark Acklom will face one more term in jail after completing his current prison term. Acklom is currently finishing his sentence in an England prison after which, he will be handed over to the Spanish authorities to complete his sentence. The 46-year-old con artist was jailed in Cartagena in the year 2015 for fooling two Spanish brothers. He conned them into buying riverside flats in London by pretending to be the owner of the houses. 

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