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Britons Ignore Lockdown Rule As They Gather On Westminster Bridge To ‘clap Of Carers’

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, a video emerged on social media of Britons ignoring the social distancing rules to take part in Clap for Carers on Westminster Bridge.


Amid coronavirus lockdown, a video footage emerged on social media of people ignoring the two-metre social distancing rules to take part in Clap for Carers on London’s Westminster Bridge. In the video, one can see huge crowds, including police officers, gathered in the United Kingdom’s capital to applaud the NHS workers. While the government has strictly asked people to stay home and cheer for the NHS from their doors, balconies, windows, citizens can still be seen gathered at the bridge. 

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‘Hypocrisy is unbelievable’

In the video clip, one can also see police standing with groups of colleagues and members of the public, even though they are the ones who have been handing out fines to people around the country for having a gathering of more than two. While it is a lovely gesture of appreciation, people have still been criticised for putting each other at risk and potentially placing further strain on the NHS. Several internet users have also criticised the police officials for their ‘hypocrisy’. 

With more than one lakh people infected with the deadly virus, internet users were ‘infuriated’ with the people who were involved with the incident. The video sparked outrage among netizens. One internet user wrote, “I’m amazed by this.....surely this is 100per cent not helping the frontline workers”. Another added, “What's the point of clapping if you're gonna stand right next to 100 other people which will likely contribute negatively towards the people you're clapping for. I think not doing this would probably be more helpful”. 

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