Ex-BBC Employee Gets Settlement Of £130,000 Over An Equal Pay Dispute

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Ex-BBC employee settlement at £130,000 over an equal pay dispute, after she blamed the broadcaster was unable to meet its commitments over equal pay.

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On September 23, a previous BBC worker has gotten an out-of-court settlement of more than £130,000 after she blamed the broadcaster as he was unable to meet its commitments over equal pay irrespective of gender bias. Caroline Barlow, who worked at the company for over six years, filed an employment tribunal claim after she found that 15 male employees who were at the same position as her in her department received more pay than her. According to her allegations, she accused BBC of constructive dismissal, harassment, and discrimination.

Caroline Barlow claims environment at BBC is discriminatory

As reported by the international media, Caroline Barlow, former head of product in the organization’s design and engineering division asserted that the working environment at the BBC is discriminatory and hostile. She claimed that it affected her integrity making her position vulnerable enough that it left her little choice but to resign. However, BBC dismissed Barlow’s charges but in the month of May, it consented to an out-of-court settlement on the condition that Barlow officially pulled back her case. Her settlement incorporated a “termination fee” as remuneration for loss of her employment. 

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BBC says discrepancy due to non-gender reasons

In explanation to Barlow's accusations, the broadcaster accepted that Barlow was being paid less than her male counterparts who are at the same position as her. BBC told international media that the difference in the pay of Barlow and 15 other male employees was due to ‘non-gender’ reasons. They said that Barlow had not engaged with work of equivalent incentive to the male comparators which led to a difference in pay. The BBC spokesperson said that “We don’t believe it is appropriate at this stage to comment on what is an individual matter that was resolved some time ago.” as reported to the international media. 

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BBC compensates Barlow

Barlow, who was not banished from talking about her circumstance by the conditions mentioned in the agreement, said she had been unfairly treated, she told media that inequality at the BBC is a choice, she said that the BBC ruined her career, disrupted her confidence and well being and nothing will bring that back, therefore the settlement will not make things right.  The divulgence of the settlement comes when the BBC is confronting extreme investigation over its handling of gender pay issues. The company is under scrutiny by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over historical claims of inconsistent salary pay. Last October, an advisory group of MPs found the BBC was trying to claim ignorance over the issue and asked an end to a culture of “invidious, opaque decision-making” on pay.

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