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First Time Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Plans Leaked As Part Of 'Operation London Bridge'

Leaked documents exposed the scale of the massive operation that will be carried out in the hours and days following the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

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Leaked documents on September 3 revealed for the first time the scope of the massive operation that will be undertaken in the hours and days following the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. Details of what would take place under the codename "Operation London Bridge" have been released to the US-based news organisation "Politico," which states that officials will refer to the day the Queen dies as "D Day."

Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Plans Leaked

The 95-year-old monarch, the longest-serving sovereign in British history, will be buried 10 days after her death, and her son and heir, Prince Charles, will go on a tour of the United Kingdom before the funeral. According to the plans, the late sovereign's coffin will lay in state at the Houses of Parliament for three days, with authorities expecting hundreds of thousands of people to converge on London, causing concerns about traffic, policing, and even food shortages.

A massive security effort has been planned to deal with the huge crowds and travel chaos predicted in the days leading up to her funeral. One letter warns that London may be overcrowded as hundreds of thousands of visitors make their way to the UK city.'

Operation London Bridge

According to Politico, there will be an allegedly "spontaneous" service at St Paul's Cathedral, and the new King Charles will travel the four nations of the United Kingdom in the days after her death. The British prime minister and the monarch are understood to have agreed that the day of her state funeral will be designated as a day of national mourning. It will be a holiday, though it will not be labelled as such. Officials at Buckingham Palace did not comment on the leak or the plans. 

In 2017, The Guardian released a comprehensive piece detailing information regarding Operation London Bridge, which outlined how the new King, Charles, will be proclaimed at St James's Palace in the presence of visiting royalty.''

The plan for what will happen in the United Kingdom following Queen Elizabeth II's death is known as Operation London Bridge. It includes planning for her death announcement, the period of formal mourning, and the specifics of her state funeral.

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