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From Europe To US, BIG Embarrassment For Imran Khan, Lawmakers Urge Donald Trump To Raise Balochistan With Pakistan PM

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • 16 MPs of the European Parliament have written to letter to US President Donald Trump over deteriorating situation in Balochistan ahead of his discussion with Pakistan PM Imran Khan
  • In the letter, the members urged Trump to raise the plight of Bloch people in the discussions with the Pakistan PM
  • Imran Khan was left red-faced during his speech in Washington DC after Balochistan activists protested against him

Ahead of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to the United States, as many as 16 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump, asking him to intervene in the deteriorating situation in Balochistan. The letter has been signed by the 16 EU MPs during a European Parliament plenary session which took place last week in France.

In the letter dated July 19, ahead of Imran Khan's visit, the members urged Trump to raise the plight of Bloch people in the discussions with Pakistan PM Imran Khan. 

"It is clear that Balochistan, a region in Pakistan, is today a conflict zone. Over the course, Baloch people has to endure endless harassment, torture and other forms of persecution at the hands of the Pakistani authorities, namely its government, its military and intelligence services," reads the letter. 

The European Parliament Members have further said that the Imran Khan government operates a policy of kill and dump, giving instances in which people have been attacked, tortured and have been reported missing. 

"The Pakistan Supreme Court has acknowledged the role of Pak security and intelligence agencies in the forced disappearance," the letter adds.

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Amid the developments, Imran Khan was left red-faced during his speech in Washington DC on July 21 after Balochistan activists protested against the Pakistan PM.

Highlighting the atrocities faced by the people of Balochistan, the protestors disrupted his speech by raising slogans about human rights violation by Pakistan against Balochistan.

This happened in front of 10,000 Pakistanis who had assembled in Washington DC to witness the Imran Khan's speech. The Baloch activists were chanting 'USA, USA' to protest Pakistan's occupation of Balochistan and its alleged occupation and use of its resources.

Ahead of the Pak PM's US visit, the World Baloch Organisation and the Baloch Republican (WBO-BRP) also launched mobile billboard campaign with scripts of 'Help end enforced disappearances in Pakistan' in an attempt to urge the US President to take up the matter of violation of human rights in Pakistan's Balochistan province with Imran Khan during their discussions. 

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