Siri Pitches In During Weatherman’s Broadcast, Says “There’s No Snow”

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While presenting the weather forecast on the BBC, meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was interrupted by Siri, who rebutted his report

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When Siri interrupted BBC weather reporter by opposing his forecast, the meteorologist deflected by saying Siri might not know the location he’s talking about.

While reporting the weather forecast for Denver and Minneapolis, Tomasz Schafernaker was contradicted by his Apple watch. Although Tomasz said there will be snow, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri popped in to say “There’s no snow in the forecast.”
Tomasz took it in stride, laughed and apologized, but the anchor did not let the moment slide and poked fun at his colleague. “There is snow in your forecast, I thought.” he said Tomasz then denied it by saying, “Yeah, it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about.” Mr Schafernaker took to Twitter to say that he didn't manually activate Siri.

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Met4Cast, a weather-related Twitter account, replied to Schafernaker and noted that he may have the option "Raise to Speak" turned on in his Siri settings.

It is unclear how Siri got triggered on air, but the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models can activate Siri with a new option called "Raise to speak," so users no longer need to say the "Hey, Siri" command, which is what probably happened when the weatherman raised his hand to gesticulate at the screen while presenting. The Apple Watch allows Siri activation in a number of ways. You can press and hold the Digital Crown too.

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