Piers Morgan Calls Out UK PETA For Suggesting The Word 'pet' Is Offensive To Animals

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Animal rights activists PETA is facing flak on social media for suggesting pet owners adopt the word 'companion' instead of calling their dogs and cats 'pets'.

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Animal rights activist organisation PETA is facing flak on social media for suggesting pet owners adopt the word 'companion' instead of calling their dogs and cats 'pets' after claiming that the term is offensive to animals. Ironically PETA itself has the word 'pet' in the acronym which UK presenter Piers Morgan rightly pointed out during an interview with a PETA activist. The incident happened when a spokesperson from the organisation appeared on Tuesday's edition of the show Good Morning Britain, a weekday morning programme in the United Kingdom. 

The Interview

The PETA spokesperson suggested that the term 'pet owner' is offensive too, as it implies that the animals are a possession. PETA has long called for the equal rights of animals and said that pet owners should be renamed 'human carers' or 'guardian'.

According to PETA, the public should shift its way about how they refer to animals as it is the first step to respecting them as equals. However, Piers Morgan wasn't having any of those as grilled the spokesperson for suggesting the idea, which he felt was absolutely bizarre. 

After the confrontation went viral, Piers Morgan took to his official Twitter handle to admit that the interview was the best he had in 4-5 years. However, PETA issued a statement where it wrote that the organisation stands by what the spokesperson said on the show. 

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Netizens confused

The conversation between the host and the guests left people scratching their heads after they found themselves agreeing with Morgan, who is a divisive figure in British popular media. Netizens stormed social media to troll the animal rights activists and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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