'Unleash The Potential': Boris Johnson Roars As UK Leaves EU

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After 47 years of EU membership, Britain has finally left the bloc on Jan 31 at 11:00pm (local time) and UK PM Boris Johnson hailed the 'turning point'.

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Unleash the potential

After 47 years of European Union membership, Britain has finally left the 27-nation bloc on January 31 at 11:00pm (local time). UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Britain's departure as a 'moment of real national renewal and change' while thousands of supporters gathered outside the British Parliament. Most Britons were seen welcoming the moment they longed for since the 2016 referendum to leave the union which was joined back in 1973. 

Moments after the historic countdown at British Parliament, Johnson declared that 'tonight we have left the EU' which is an 'extraordinary turning point' in UK's history. While many Britons also mourned the loss of their EU identity, UK PM asked the citizens of his country to 'make the most of opportunities' after Brexit and 'unleash the potential'. However, the exit only marks the first stage of the entire saga as Britain has now entered the transition period with the EU. 

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However, even though most changes in Britain will not be immediate, it is essential to know what will exactly differ for the UK once it moves out from under the EU's umbrella. The changes will occur in the 11-month period negotiated between London and Brussels which would reportedly allow both sides to nurture the future relationship. 

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Johnson says 'this is not the end'

Hours before the 'historic moment' of Brexit, Johnson had posted an enthusiastic message on Twitter saying 'this is not the end' and instead called it a 'beginning'. The British PM acknowledged the mixed feelings of Britons where majority though that the 'political wrangle' would never come to an end. However, now that EU has removed Britain's flag from its buildings, Johnson said that 'this is the moment the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up for a new act in great national drama'. 

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