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VIRAL: UK PM Theresa May Gets Stuck Inside Her Car, Staff Tries To Get Her Out As Angela Merkel Waits Patiently

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

As rain spilled from Berlin’s skies on Tuesday morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s car pulled up in front of a red carpet where she was supposed to be greeted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But May couldn’t figure out how to exit the car. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood to the side and patiently waited for May, who was visiting for gaining assurances on Brexit. However, Madam Merkel was kept waiting longer than expected, because British Prime Minister just couldn’t seem to get her door to open.

In a video posted by the BBC, the car of British PM arrives and a staff rushes to open the door for May with umbrella in hand, only to find it locked. She pulls it once, twice, then a third time. Sometime in between those attempts, the man in the passenger seat opens his door and begins to fiddle with the locks. Merkel can be see standing to the side, patiently watching. Finally, the door unlocks for May to move out and greet Merkel.

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After leaving the car, Mrs. May met with Ms. Merkel at the chancellor’s office in Berlin as part of a European tour in an effort to salvage the Brexit deal. The British Parliament was scheduled to vote on the agreement on Tuesday. However, May delayed a key Brexit vote that was scheduled to take place in the British Parliament on Monday. 

British politics was thrown into chaos and Brexit into doubt on Wednesday as leaders triggered a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Theresa May that will see her removed as party and government leader if she loses. May vowed to fight the challenge “with everything I’ve got,” after Graham Brady, who heads a committee overseeing Conservative leadership contests, said he had received letters from at least 48 lawmakers asking for a vote.

As a result, he said, “the threshold of 15 percent of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the leader of the Conservative Party has been exceeded.”

Brady said the vote would be held in Parliament between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening, with the results announced soon after.