California: Man Drives To Police Station With Corpse, Admits Killing 4

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A man in California with a dead body in his car drove to a police station in Northern California which is 200 miles away to confess killing four people.

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A man in California drove to a police station in Northern California to confess killing four people. He then declared that a corpse of one person was in the car which he drove to the police station. The name of the man is Shankar Hangud and he is 53-year-old as reported by foreign media. A police official reported that the man arrived at the Mount Shastra department in the afternoon and told the cops that he killed the people at his house in Roseville. The police said that the people who were killed were his relatives and included two adults and two juveniles. The police further added that the motive behind the murder has not been declared and they are investigating the matter. 

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Hangud remained calm and straightforward while confessing

Sgt. Robert Gibson of Mount Shasta told foreign media that the man just entered the premises and told their dispatcher that he wanted to confess to a murder. He told the police that he killed four people in his apartment, which is 200 miles away. The officer said that it was an unusual experience for them as they never had anybody come to them with a body confessing their crime. He then said that Hangud remained calm and straightforward when he was at the police station but did not tell them the reason for the killing. The police officials have denied speaking on the way the victims were killed. The man is in the custody ever since and has been charged with four murders. 

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Roseville Police posted about it on the internet

The police department posted a statement on their official page giving a brief recap of the strange incident. According to the post, the man entered the police premises on October 14 which is when the Roseville Police Department received a call from  Mt. Shasta Police Department informing that they have detained a suspect who is involved in a homicide which took place in Roseville. Officers rushed to the apartment complex after that and confirmed that three more people were killed after they found their bodies. After interrogation, the police concluded that there is nobody else involved in the murders and Hangud is the sole suspect. The police posted a picture of the man and the car he drove along with the post and urged people that if they recognise him or have seen him with an adult male of East Indian descent then they can contact the Roseville Police Department at a given number. 

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