Climate Champion Greta Tells US Congress To 'listen To The Scientists'

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Climate activist Greta Thunberg has appealed to the US Congress to fight against climate change urging the nation's lawmakers to take appropriate actions.

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Climate champion

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has appealed to the US Congress to fight against climate change urging the nation's lawmakers to take real actions to get rid of the environmental disaster on September 18. The 16-year-old teenager was joined by other campaigners who questioned the drastic environmental change which has resulted in the younger generations interrogating the intentions of today's political leaders. Thunberg visited Washington last week where she maintained a very busy schedule. She attended a demonstration in front of the White House, meeting leaders from South America, and collectively gathered on the US Supreme Court with children suing the government for the climate inaction. She received an Amnesty International Award and sat down with former US President Barack Obama. In Wednesday's appearance before a joint becoming aware of two House boards of trustees, her message was unassuming however obtuse. She said she doesn't want people to listen to her rather listen to the scientists.

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President Trump questions about climate change

She noted that she wanted her opening testimony to be a 2018 United Nations report, which called for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. She added that she wants everyone to unite together and take proper actions. Congress has been all but paralyzed on a path forward to mitigate climate change in recent years. President Donald Trump has also openly questioned the climate change along with his administration who pointed out several Obama-era regulations that were aimed at reducing industrial pollution, protecting federal lands and cleaning US waterways. On the other hand, Congressman Garret Graves realized that appropriate action is required to work on climate change. He along with his Republican members also claimed China to take proper measures to curb carbon emissions. Graves said Beijing was given a "wrong" go in the Paris climate accord since it enables China to have a 50 percent expansion in its discharges by 2030, even as the US is restricting its emissions.

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How did Greta come to prominence

Greta came to prominence when she met delegates at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland earlier this year for their inaction on climate change. On Wednesday, US officials looked for her knowledge on the best way to move youngsters to engage in the battle. Thunberg asked them to tell the people the truth and the perils of climate change. She said people should be informed about the crisis and start treating this crisis as an existential emergency. She hopes people will understand and want to take appropriate steps about it.

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