Donald Trump Says 'she's Got A Son' To Melania, Netizens Mock

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Netizens felt that US President Donald Trump seemed to forget that Barron Trump is just as much his child as he is Melania's during a press conference.

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Donald Trump

While praising his wife for shining light on the health implications for young people in a press conference, US President said “That's how the First Lady got involved. She's got a son..together”, he further complimented his son by calling him a “beautiful young man”. After the statement, the internet users felt that the President had forgotten that  Barron is his son as well. According to the netizens, the President is surely working hard on making America great but it looks like he has forgotten that he is a dad as well. 

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Netizens mock Trump's parenting skills

Netizens seemed confused and amused at the same time. Many followers mocked the President by saying that Barron will no longer be a part of Trump's “Will”, while one said that Donald Trump doesn't acknowledge his children until they're old enough to make money. One of the Twitter users said that people are telling me that “Melania's son Barron” is a really tremendous young man. The mocking did not stop there, another user also compared the US President to his 85-year-old father who was diagnosed with dementia. He says that the similarities are shocking as the speech pattern is also similar. 

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The press conference

On September 11, the US President talked about how he wants the flavored e-cigarette products off the market. He told the reporters that a strong action will be taken to protect an innocent child from potential risks. More than 400 people have been hospitalized for lung diseases, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. The announcement comes right after the sudden outbreak of illness which is associated with people using vape pens and e-cigarettes. The Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar tweeted stating that President Trump and the FDA will be finalizing policies that would clear flavored e-cigarette from the market. The First Lady also tweeted expressing her concern about the growing epidemic of e-cigarette use in children. 

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