Donald Trump Wishes Japan PM Shinzo Abe Two Weeks After His Birthday

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US President Trump wished Japan PM Shinzo Abe “a very happy birthday” but unfortunately, he was two weeks late as PM Shinzo's birthday was on September 21

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:
Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump in a press conference on Wednesday at the White House wished Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “a very happy birthday” but unfortunately the US President was two weeks late as PM Shinzo's birthday was on September 21. The day President Trump wished the Japan PM, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67th birthday. According to an international media outlet, the Russian President did not receive a birthday wish from the US president. 

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President Trump said, "I want to start by wishing my very good friend Prime Minister Abe of Japan a very happy birthday -- he's 39 years old today," and prompted laughter while mispronouncing the Japanese PM name as “abby” as he often does. He further added, "So please extend my wishes to the Prime Minister -- he's a great gentleman and we have had tremendous success." 

President Trump's reference to PM Shinzo's age was also a joke as the Japanese PM turned 65 last month, however, it is still not clear why the US President wished PM Shinzo on Monday out of all the days instead of wishing the Russian President. In a recent investigation led by a Republican Senator, it was reported that Russia indeed helped President Trump in the 2016 elections with the goal of harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton. 

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The US-Japan trade deal

The White House mainly discussed two deals that represent a tremendous victory for both the countries, the new US-Japan Trade Agreement and the US-Japan Digital Trade Agreement. Both the agreements are set to create countless jobs, expansion of investment and commerce, reduction of both the nation's trade deficit, promotion of fairness and reciprocity and the unlocking of the vast opportunities for growth. The deal further aims to help restore the Japanese market share lost by US farmers to competitors in Australia, New Zealand and Canada since President Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

“Our farmers, ranchers, and growers will now be able to compete fairly in Japan against major competitors worldwide. In addition to these agricultural agreements, the extraordinary digital agreement that we’re signing — so, that digital agreement is a very big deal in its own right — we’re signing today, sets standards on the $40 billion in digital trade between the United States and Japan.”  

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