Elizabeth Warren Overtakes Joe Biden According To New Poll Results

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Elizabeth Warren for the first time is ahead of Joe Biden in according to a fresh set of polls conducted in the state with Warren at 22% and Joe at 20%

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US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, for the first time is ahead of Joe Biden, according to a fresh set of polls conducted in Iowa state. The opinion poll conducted places Warren at 22% i.e. 2 % ahead of Biden who is placed at 20%. The Massachusetts Senator and the former Vice President are way ahead of their opponents in their race for the next presidential election to be held in 2020 with Bernie Sanders coming in at 11%, Pete Buttigieg at 9% and Kamala Harris coming in at 6%. 

A fight to the finish

On September 21, Cory Booker, a Senator from New Jersey, stated that he would back out of the presidential race if the necessary funds were not raised. He was tied down at 3% in the polls conducted along with senator Amy Klobuchar. According to a voting average, Joe Biden is still ahead at 30% as compared to Elizabeth's 19% and Bernie Sander's average at 16% of the votes in favour. Harris and Buttigieg are the only two presidential hopefuls with more than 6% of the support votes to their credit. 

The platform for holding a public address will be left open to the candidates in the state of Iowa this particular week and on September 21, for Polk County's steak fry event that attracted a lot of people on previous occasions, many Presidential candidates also attended LGBTQ forums. 

The topic on US President Donald Trump was picked up by Warren at the steak fry event, who asked for the American President to be removed from the office stating that she was well aware of what had gone wrong and had answers to fix everything right from the scratch.

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The former Vice President asked American citizens to stand tall and remember that they belong to America. In addition to this, he talked about Trump's call for a probe with respect to his family over business associations to Ukraine while being in the middle of a scandal over the US President's conduct. Biden further added that if the candidates get the desired nominations then they would have the power to beat the President who has been subject to a lot of scandals during his tenure. 

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The survey also had the question of asking the voters of the second preference and approximately 71% of them took Elizabeth Warren's name as compared to Joe Biden at 60%. The survey also bought out the fact that about 32% of the people who supported Sander's have deflected towards Warren's side that has shown her rise among the Democrats.

The LGBTQ forum

The LGBTQ forum attended by the candidates was held on September 20, and it focused on issues that were previously unheard of or not given enough importance, for example, the issue of not having a home among members of the LGBTQ community and not having equal status in the country. While Joe Biden was confronted about the Defence of Marriage Act, Elizabeth Warren was received warmly as she made a statement that included the names of 18 women of colour who were murdered in 2019.

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