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Epic Fail: Man Caught Stealing Bicycle, 'late Entry For The 2018 Stupidest Bike Thief Award' Says Police

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A man who tried to steal a bike from outside a police station in Oregon was arrested after officers spotted the attempted theft on CCTV. The attempted theft took place on the evening of 27 December with the video posted to Facebook by the Gladstone Police Department.

The footage has gone viral with more than 170,000 views. The man, named as Adam Valle, was using bolt-croppers to try and break the bike's lock when an officer identified as Sargeant Okerman came out of the police station pointed a Taser at him to detain him. Other officers subsequently arrived to help arrest the man, who had been wearing a hat and a hoodie to try and conceal his identity.

"We've covered stories of inept would-be bike thieves regularly over the years, but we reckon this one could be a late contender for the A late entry for the 2018 Stupidest Bike Thief Award", said the police.

Watch the video here 

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Earlier in 2018, Steve Valentine, a Birmingham resident, took to Twitter to reveal how his flatmate received an email from the apparent thief who had stolen the laptop that contained his university coursework. Generally, when someone steals a valuable item, outrage or possibly sadness is an obvious reaction. Fully understanding this, the thief tried to mend things and has won sympathy for his crime.

The thief wrote in the mail that he was poor and needed money. In fact, he even offered to send files that the student might need for his course work. Within no time the tweet went viral and after listening to such a bizarre story Twitterati could not help but shower sweet love on the thief's genuine gesture.

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