Florida Man Parks Smart Car In Kitchen To Protect It From Dorian

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Patrick Eldridge from Jacksonville, Florida, parked his smart car in his kitchen in order to protect the car from being "blown away" in Hurricane Dorian. 

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Patrick Eldridge from Jacksonville, Florida, parked his smart car in his kitchen in order to protect it from being "blown away" in Hurricane Dorian. His wife Jessica stated that their car was already parked in the garage and to stay away from clearing it, Patrick thought about parking the car inside their house. All of this started out as a challenge between the couple that led to the decision. Jessica added that she told her husband there was no way he could complete the challenge but Patrick opened the double doors of their house and fit the car in with ease.



Kitchen turned into garage

With the car parked in the middle of the kitchen, Jessica has to move around the car to cook food and serve it. She also hoped that her husband would take out the car as soon as the storm dies down because her dogs were getting confused by it. 
The category 5 hurricane was moving along the coast of Florida on September 4, missing Jacksonville by a whisker as it moved towards the north along the coast of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

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Dorian has already destroyed the Bahamas wherein the teams responsible for rescuing people have just started to take a full account of the damage around them. 

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The "Sharpie" Memes

Meanwhile, social media platforms saw a surge in "Sharpie" memes that involve American President Donald Trump solving problems coming his way with just a marker in his hand. The meme gained momentum and garnered a lot of attention after President Trump was shown holding a doctored map that falsely highlighted a part of Alabama coming in the way of the storm. The American president denied his involvement in the incident that kicked up a viral trend of the Sharpiegate memes; he even said that he was unaware of the person responsible behind the incident. The video that went viral was posted by the White House on their official twitter handle. 


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