Jane Fonda Resumes Civil Disobedience For Action On Climate Change

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The two-time Academy Award winner claimed that she plans to get arrested every Friday to advocate the urgency of reduction in the use of fossil fuels

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Jane Fonda

Inspired by the activism of Swedish climate change protester Greta Thunberg, American actress Jane Fonda on Friday said that she is returning to civil disobedience nearly a half-century after she was last arrested at a protest. Known for her opposition to the Vietnam War, the 81-year-old on Friday was arrested with 17 other climate protesters at the US Capitol in Washington DC on charges of unlawful demonstration. Fonda plans to get arrested every Friday so that she can advocate the urgency of reduction in the use of fossil fuels and encourage other people to hit the streets to protest as well.

The two-time Academy Award winner said that Thunberg's mobilization of international student strikes and other activism prompted her to return to court arrests for a cause. She further said her target audience is people who try to cut their plastic use and drive fuel-efficient cars. She also claimed to make efforts to encourage people to become more active in climate activism, across the age spectrum.

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'Fire Drill Friday'

Jane Fonda, along with other climate activists, indigenous leaders and experts have joined hands to demand immediate actions on ecological emergency. In the 'Fire Drill Friday,' the protesters joined hands and decided to gather outside the US Capitol every Thursday and Friday for a digital 'teach-in' session. It was under this initiative, that the 81-year old actor and other climate activists were delivering speeches on how severe the condition of our planet is. According to protesters, their opening session at the US Capitol was “amazing”. 

She is among the latest inductees at the National Women's Hall of Fame. However, Fonda's selection led the Seneca Falls town supervisor to threaten to pull the funding from the site. An unpassed resolution by Greg Lazzaro stated that the actor's activism during the war of Vietnam had brought divisiveness to the country. Jane Fonda also faced heavy criticism after being photographed on top of the anti-aircraft gun in 1972 while on her visit to North Vietnam. The actor had later expressed regret for that moment.

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