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Ms Texas Senior America 2022: Elderly Women Celebrate 'Age Of Elegance' In Beauty Pageant

The Ms.Texas Senior is a beauty pageant for the elderly that celebrates healthy ageing, wellness and motivates senior women to utilize their potential.


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The women competing for the Ms Texas Senior America 2022 title have proved that there is indeed beauty in wrinkles. The Ms Texas Senior is a beauty pageant for the elderly that celebrates healthy ageing and wellness and motivates and encourages senior women to utilize their full potential by demonstrating their maturity, dignity and inner beauty and talents. "Our pageant champions healthy ageing wellness and mental well being and other contestants exemplify the positive image of ageing," Ms Texas Senior America Pageant website mentions.

At 63, Kimberly Ghedi is crowned Ms Texas Senior America 2021-22

This year, Kimberly Ghedi at 63-years of age was crowned as the winner for the title. Ms Texas Senior America 2022, Kimberly is the president of Plano, Texas. She is married to Todd Ghedi and is a mother to six children and eight grandchildren, the website reports. She also owns a music studio where she teaches voice and piano. Kimberly is a singing enthusiastic who plays the piano likes to read travel and cook. Check out the winner, Kimberly Ghedi from after she received her crown:

Ms Texas

Ms Texas Senior, Kimberly also has many accolades under her belt. She is involved with the community outreach programs undertaken by the church. Share companies coronavirus and programs 'Assist at Traditions,' a senior living community. The community participates in 'Cameo Club' performances, 'Senior Follies' and 'Noteworthy' a (senior women's outreach group), the website added. She won the judges' hearts with a rendition of Think of Me from 'Phantom of the Opera.' She is going to participate in the Ms Senior America 2022.

Engineer-turned-tap dancer, Joyce Brown became the role model she wished to have 

In 2019, the title was won by Joyce Brown. An engineer-turned-tap dancer, Brown grew up in Toledo, Ohio. She holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from A&M University in Alabama. She walked through many challenges with her head held high and made herself the role model she wished for herself, to the kids in her family. She completed a marathon at 49 and became a certified Health coach at 59. She lost about 30 pounds in 4months to get herself in shape for the event. Take a look at her pictures, as she posed in a stunning red gown, from the Ms Texas Senior America 2021-2022 event. 

The lively and extremely enthusiastic participants in the event come from different spheres of life and truly prove that age is just a number. The women on the stage are achievers from different fields including homemaking. They are confident, fabulous, and inspiration to everyone who wants to find their next step after 50.

(With inputs from Ms Texas Senior America website and Instagram)

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