NASA Head Bridenstine Says Security Needed To Explore Space Safely

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NASA Head has said on September 25 that space security is necessary so that the United States and Japan, and other nations can safely explore the Moon and Mars

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NASA Chief Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said on September 25 that space security is needed so that the US, Japan, and other nations can safely explore the Moon and Mars. He said that he is interested in taking the US space partnership with Japan to new heights by stepping up together and cooperating with each other by going to the Moon and eventually to Mars together. He added that it's only possible if space is kept a safe place. He said that NASA fully cooperates and supports the idea of space security.

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The US and Japanese governments extend their security operations into space

Japan and the US have been cooperating for a long time in space science which includes the ongoing International Space Station program. He said all of their allies and partners should realize the importance of space and understand the need to do something necessary to preserve it. He also added that NASA and JAXA will continue to explore space only when it thinks it is secure.

On Tuesday, NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, affirmed Japan's support in America's lunar and Mars investigation ventures, including the Artemis lunar mission. The US and Japanese governments are extending their security operations into space amid China's growing activity. The Chief Administrator said it is high time to progress into the next stage aiming for a  sustainable human presence on the Moon and eventually on Mars.

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NASA Chief says he is in Japan to gain Japanese support

Bridenstine said he has strong beliefs about Japan's contributions to future missions. He also added that he is in Japan to procure Japanese support that includes funding for the manned moon mission all set for 2024. He responded to a question about the viability of sending astronauts to the Moon in three years, he said NASA would rather think to accelerate the timing to avoid any untoward incidents of taking too long to get the program fulfilled.

A Japanese rocket was launched from a JAXA launch site in southern Japan to deliver super powerful new lithium-ion batteries for the space station on Tuesday. The package is expected to arrive at the space station on Saturday for spacewalking astronauts to replace the old-style battery cells with the new ones. JAXA is among several organizations making time to time deliveries to the ISS.

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