Rudy Giuliani Eyed Ukrainian Oligarchs To Find Information On Biden

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Rudy Giuliani, the attorney general of Trump, asked for help from two Ukrainian political influencers to provide him with damaging information on Joe Biden.

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Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the Attorney General of President Donald Trump, asked for help from two Ukrainian political influencers to provide him with damaging information on one of the political rivals of Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Both the Ukrainian oligarchs are facing indictment. One of them has been charged with allegations of bribery and the other was part of a massive money-laundering scandal that is still under investigation. In an interview with Dmitry Firtash and Ihor Kolomoisky, it gave a new perspective and dimension to the entire account of events that involve the constant pressure from Trump’s side to call for an investigation against Biden at the same time revealed about the dealings of Giuliani. 

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Firtash and Kolomoisky offered legal assistance 

They reflected that the US was leveraging its political power to seek gains from legally vulnerable foreign citizens. According to Firtash, who is allegedly accused of bribery and racketeering and is facing extradition to the United States was provided with legal assistance by one of Giuliani’s associates to resolve his matter with the Justice Department. Firtash, had close contacts with the Kremlin, the sole reason why he was asked for assistance by Giuliani on his ‘dirt-digging mission’. He said that the offer to provide him with two lawyers close to Trump was made in the month of June. He met Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were Soviet-businessmen and were also involved in Giuliani’s dealings. Parnas’ lawyer, Joseph A. Bondy, confirmed the meeting and further added that Firtash was encouraged to assist Giuliani to find compromising information against Joe Biden in return for dropping the charges. 

According to Firtash, he never provided Giuliani with any information about Bidens and never financed the search for it. He further said he was “sucked into the US fight”. 

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Giuliani approached Firtash and Kolomoisky after months of research to find damaging information on the Bidens. Kolomoisky, the other Ukraine oligarch, who was the richest man in Ukraine and provide finances to the troops fighting battles with Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine, is now facing charges for money laundering. In the interview, he revealed that two men came to him to fetch a deal on liquefied natural gas. But in reality, they wanted a meeting between Giuliani and Zelensky. In a small exchange of dialogue, Kolomoisky told the two people that they have come to the wrong place 

Kolomoisky was of no help to Giuliani and after the failure of the arrangement, Giuliani tweeted that, “must cleanse himself from hangers-on from his past and from criminal oligarchs — Ihor Kolomoisky and others.” After witnessing the ongoing incidences Kolomoisky reported a warning of the biggest scandal of all times which will break in not just Ukraine but also in the United States. 

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