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Senator Ted Cruz's Alleged Tweet Mocking California's 'failed Energy Policies' Resurfaces

Ted Cruz has widely, in his appearance on television, disputed the scientific phenomenon that’s shaping the climate due to the pollution caused by humans

Ted Cruz

After Texas Senator, Ted Cruz returned from his controversial trip to Mexico while his state suffered from repercussions of a deadly winter storm, old tweets of him claiming that he will “believe in climate change when Texas freezes over” resurfaced. While there has been no evidence of the Senator tweeting those words himself, Rep. Cruz on Friday was bombarded with it as users shared what looks like a screenshot of a September 8, 2016 tweet from Cruz's phone. Not just that, Texans launched a meme fest with the words in the tweet appearing over an image of his face across the internet. The satire notably took over social media by storm that attributed the baseless and hilarious statement to the Texan senator. 

[Ted Cruz said it was a 'mistake' to leave the state and returned home after facing backlash. Credit: Associated Press.]

[Credit: twitter/@joehyden]

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While the phone screenshots remain unconfirmed, Cruz has widely, in his appearance on television, disputed the scientific phenomenon that is shaping the climate due to pollution caused by humans. The Texas Senator has denied the existence of human-caused climate change, debating in 2015 on US broadcasting networks that the satellite data showed "there has been no significant global warming for the past 18 years." In an NPR interview later that year, he said "climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory for a big-government politician who wants more power.” Moreover, the Republican politician defended his victory for Senate seat from then-Rep. Beto O’Rourke, saying, “the climate has been changing from the dawn of time.” Now that the Senator has returned from Cancun, his hypocritical tweet has once again returned online. 

The controversy behind the tweet

Senator Ted Cruz was bombarded with his nasty ‘When Texas freezes over’ tweet after he was caught by the media returning from a family vacation trip, as his fellow Houston natives were left without water or power supply amid a winter storm where Texas literally ‘froze over’. Friday, sources of Associated Press and Fox News confirmed the KSAT reporting about the senator’s trip to Mexico, a day after he was photographed at the airport. Following his departure, social media, including fellow Texans, roasted Cruz for his irresponsible behaviour, fleeing state it was ‘freezing over’. In addition to the launch of his humorous statement about climate change, people made fun of the Senator’s trip amid the mounting hardships, while they struggled to get water or electricity. 

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