Swiss Tourists Recreate Homer Simpson's Food Tour In New Orleans

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Two Swiss tourists by the name of Janine Wiget and Katrin von Niederhausern have recreated a part of the Simpsons episode titled 'Lisa Gets the Blues'.

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Two Swiss tourists, Janine Wiget and Katrin von Niederhausern, have recreated a part of the Simpsons episode titled Lisa Gets the Blues that was first aired on April 22, 2018. The Simpson's episode begins with Homer telling Lisa that you find out a thousand things to love about this city such as the Lamb tagine, Cajun crawfish. The recreation of the particular segment took a week wherein the two ladies can be seen visiting 54 restaurants in a video length of a minute and 27 seconds and the viral video made by the graphic designers has garnered over a million views. 

Homer's food tour

Tourism company, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp's CEO, Mark Romig said that it is remarkable what these two ladies have achieved in creating a classic piece of art. In the video titled Homer, Katrin and Janine Eat their way Through New Orleans, the illustrators have recreated every frame in the exact same way. The frame that has Homer stuffing french fries, can be seen when the woman in the video is imitating him. During the episode, when Homer moves his fingers over a dish of crawfish outside the Bevi Seafood outlet, the same thing is being replicated in the video. 

Wiget said that Homer sure was a man who fascinated others but not someone with the best of manners. Janine further added that in order to get the correct angles, they had to lie down on tables, eat with their hands and put a humungous amount of Shrimps and french fries in their mouths. 

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Janine and Katrin, friends since college, looked up all the restaurants that featured in the episode and chalked out a detailed plan. They spent more than 5 hours restaurant hopping, buying food, and capturing moments with a cell phone and a tripod stand. 
The duo said that the managers of almost all the restaurants they covered, laughed and gave them free passage to do whatever they wanted to. They further added that during the shooting of the video, they understood that the people living in New Orleans loved their culture and how proud the restaurants were after being featured in that particular episode. 

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Katrin and Janine questioned themselves a lot of times while they were making the video but all that changed when they reviewed everything they had captured and that made them complete what they started. 

The animator for The Simpsons, Eric Koenig, commented on their YouTube page that the people at the animation studio were blown away after they saw the video and this resulted in the Swiss ladies being called over to the studio and for a table reading in Los Angeles. Mark Romig said that these two had created something magical and if they ever came back to visit New Orleans, he would buy them a meal or two for the wonderful video they had created.

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