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Ted Cruz Trolled For Making 'wildlife-like Documentary' On US-Mexico Border

“We just saw a dead body floating on Rio Grande coming by, someone who died crossing no doubt with a trafficker,” Ted Cruz said from between the tall grasses.

Ted Cruz

A month after taking a controversial trip to the tropical Cancun, Mexico while his state suffered during a frosty winter storm, Ted Cruz has sparked a meme fest once again for sprinting off to the US -Mexico border, making a documentary film on ‘immigrants’. People have scooped humour out of Rep. senator’s documentary border film where he alleged that he was “attacked by the cartels” and saw “many women and children” attempting to enter in the US as he delivered remarks speaking about the said immigration facilities ambushed in between tall grasses against the dim glare of light. 

In the blurry footage shot next to banks of the Rio Grande river, which the internet labelled as dramatic, the former Solicitor General of Texas delivered in a style of wildlife documentary hidden in what appears to be a pitch dark forest area. He had reached there sailing on a boat. He was later seen in a green fishing shirt and a baseball cap for a press conference accompanied by Senator John Cornyn. “These are the Biden cages. (Faces blurred.) Thousands of kids, in the midst of a pandemic, crammed in at 1500% capacity,” Ted Cruz wrote, making allegations. 

“We just saw a dead body floating on the Rio Grande coming by, someone who died crossing no doubt with a trafficker,” he continued at a conference assuming scenarios, flayed by his own lawmakers. Cruz led an entire delegation of 18 GOP senators on the site, including Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham. He made unsubstantiated claims on the spot saying that he just encountered human traffickers – right on the other side of the river waving flashlights, and the dangerous drug mafias, taunting and waving hands at the US border patrol officers. In the same commentary, Cruz alleged that the border guards were provocating the immigrants and the Biden administration’s immigration policy caused it. 

Cruz's 'political theatre' called out

Cruz’s claims were heavily trolled on Twitter as 'political theatre', and in some cases ridiculed. Local reporters alleged that the residents of the Rio Grande in their remarks said that every year, the situation remains the same as immigrants trying to enter the US fleeing the devastating conditions in their homeland, also stating that it’s a longstanding issue that they have witnessed each year. 

In his first-ever press conference since taking office with NBC, US President Joe Biden said that the resources and system in place set up by the Obama administration to tackle border problems were dismantled by the former President Trump and that his administration was now committed to fixing Trump’s ‘menacing’ immigration policies and will take measures to quickly move hundreds of migrant children and teens out of cramped detention facilities.


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