Texas Man Hit By Lightning Survives Due To CPR And Timely Help

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A man was struck by lightning outside Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Spring, Texas, managed to survive when three Good Samaritans raced to save him

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A Texas man who was struck by lightning outside an animal emergency hospital managed to survive when three Good Samaritans raced to save him. The incident took place on October 3, when an abrupt lightning strike hit Alex Coreas while he was strolling his three dogs outside the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Spring, Texas. Alex Coreas surviving the lightning strike amazed the Netizens. 

Light striking the man

The rare incident was captured by the Surveillance cameras, where one can see the lightning strike hit his shoes and it noticeably blew both his shoes and socks off. After the lightning strikes him, he was left standing shocked and still. Suddenly his three dogs, scattered in different directions, giving him space to topple face-first on the ground. The first-witness Corey Hart quickly rushed to the location while he was sitting in his car when the lighting struck. The hospital staff Christy Mittler and Bill Williams, who also witnessed the incident, rushed on the spot to save  Alex Coreas. 

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The incident captured on Surveillance cameras

The video released to the international media revealed all of them taking turns performing CPR in order to save Alex Coreas’s life. Mittler said Coreas’ clothing was charred and his socks and shoes were gone when she reached him in the parking lot, as reported by the international media. She said that they tried rolling him and moving him over. Later they were thumping on his back and letting him know, 'It's OK. You got hit by lightning. Hart says he thought Coreas wouldn't wake up. He told the media that the front of his shirt was burned after he was struck by lighting. Hart, even though played a part in saving Alex Coreas, did not acknowledge his heroic act. He rather said that Coreas was saved because of God’s will. On the other hand, in order to warn the people about the dangers of such weather conditions and to spread the importance of CPR training, they released the footage of lightning striking. 

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GoFundMe page to save Alex Coreas

Later, Coreas' family made a GoFundMe page asking for donations for his treatment as the man had suffered severe injuries. According to reports, that page has been able to collect more than US$23,500 amount of money to date. Coreas is still under supervision in the hospital, where he is getting better and is kept in ICU. The hospital reported that he has started eating and talking and soon will be back in full form. 

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