Donald Trump To Become First US Prez To Participte In 'March For Life' Anti-abortion Rally

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US President Donald Trump in a tweet on Jan 22 stated that he will be attending the March for Life rally in Washington. March for Life is an anti-abortion rally

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Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump in a tweet on January 22 stated he will be attending the March for Life rally in Washington. His attendance will make him the first American President to attend the anti-abortion rally. According to reports, the White House stated that Trump will become the first US President to attend a rally of this nature. Trump posted a tweet on January 22 to confirm his attendance for the rally.

Trump has been loyal to the anti-abortion movement

President of March for Life's Education and Defense Fund responsible for organising the march, Jeanne Mancini said, Trump has been an ardent supporter of the anti-abortion movement. Mancini said from the appointment of pro-life judges, slashing of funding to curb abortions in America and foreign lands, Donald Trump and his government have been ardent supporters for the cause and the movement.

Even though the Supreme Court has legalised abortion, reports suggest that a few groups still strongly opposed it in parts of America. Trump who promised to appoint people opposed to abortion to the Supreme Court, has so far named two of the top court's nine justices.

The March for Life is a rally that is held every year for peacefully protesting the practice and contesting the legality of abortions. The rally which is held in Washington DC on or around the anniversary of the case of Roe v Wade, a 1973 decision by the Supreme Court that decriminalised abortion.

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Kamala Harris accused Democrats of avoiding discussion on abortion rights

In a debate organized by an international media channel, the United States Senator, Kamala Harris allegedly accused Democratic Presidential candidates and debate moderators of failing to prioritise the discussion of abortion rights. She reportedly claimed that none of the presidential candidates spoke a word even after all the discussions about women's access to reproductive healthcare. She further also adds, that there are states that have passed laws that virtually prevent women from having access to reproductive healthcare

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