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US Denies Involvement In Invasion To Overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The US National security Council took on Twitter to deny any involvement of the country in the failed mission of overthrowing Venezuelan President Maduro.


The White House National Security Council took on Twitter on May 8 to deny any involvement of the country in the failed mission of overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. In an unprecedented political spiral between both the countries, Maduro has accused US President Donald Trump of being the “direct chief” of the operation that would have enabled the Venezuelans to retain control of the country. However, US has denied all such allegations and said its involvement would have been “overt, direct and effective”. Trump has already acknowledged the allegations on the US and has called them untrue while NSC has said that Washington remains committed to maintaining peaceful relations with Caracas.

NSC said, “The U.S. Govt had nothing to do with recent events alleged in Venezuela. Claims to the contrary are not credible. If this had been a U.S.-planned operation as claimed by Maduro, who’s been indicted on narco-terrorism charges, it would have been overt, direct & effective.”

“The Administration remains focused on our policy objectives of achieving a peaceful, democratic transition in Venezuela. The United States is closely monitoring any potential threats to the safety & security of the legitimate leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaido,” it added.

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Political crisis in Venezuela

According to reports, it all started with “confession video” on Venezuela state TV that showed American citizens admitting to the plan of overthrowing Maduro’s regime. However, since then, reports have also stated that was Venezuelan opposition had negotiated an agreement worth $213 million with Florida’s small security company to invade the country and hinder the leadership.

Venezuelan authorities have already arrested more than a dozen US citizens linked to the controversy including people in Florida-based firm, Silvercop. The connection between Silvercop and Venezuelan opposition was a revelation has opposition leader Juan Guaido had previously denied any association with the Florida company. Maduro has said the detained Americans would be subjected to a fair trial but has reportedly not revealed their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, there have been several repercussions of the allegations in the United States. Trump administration has repeatedly denied any involvement but Democrats have yet again united to question US President. According to reports, at least three Democrats in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have rounded up to question Trump about the extent of its involvement and knowledge about the invasion in Venezuela. According to some US officials, the alleged operation has violated the American constitution and opposed US support for negotiations to end the South American country’s political standoff.

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