US: Henry Kyle Frese Arrested For Leaking Classified Information

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US: Henry Kyle Frese, a counter-terrorism analyst was recently taken into custody based on allegations that he leaked out classified and sensitive information

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Reportedly, Henry Kyle Frese, a counter-terrorism analyst working for the Defense Intelligence Agency of USA was recently taken into custody. His arrest was based on allegations that he leaked classified information about a different country's weapons framework to reporters in the year 2018 and 2019.

'Compromising national security for personal gains'

According to reports, the Department of Justice, in an arraignment that unfolded in a district court in Virginia, alleged that the crucial information given to journalists was seen in numerous media reports. In addition to this, the Justice Department kept the names of the journalists anonymous but mentioned the fact that they belonged to two different news organizations. 

It was stated that Henry was found to be sharing crucial information to gain a personal advantage. Frese's decision to hand over sensitive documents was an act that has potentially compromised national security. Frese, a senior official, was due to appear in court, accused of handing over national data on his own will. He was taken into custody right from his workplace on October 9.

In the month of April 2018, after Frese gained access to one of the reports. The journalist sent him a private message, inquiring as to whether he would talk with another journalist or not. Frese answered that he would be ready to help in a situation that would boost the journalist's career as he wanted to see her move up the ladder.

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The Trump-led administration additionally intercepted a call in which the counter-terrorism analyst reportedly read classified information to the second journalist involved in the case. Frese's case is the first in relation to leaked documents in nearly 2 years. An effort to put a stop to these issues was kick-started by the Trump-led administration and spearheaded by the attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

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Similar cases

The first such case during Trump's time involved Reality Winner, a former analyst who made public a report about Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential elections. The case ended with Winner being awarded a jail term of 5 years. A similar case not long ago had former analyst, Daniel Everette Hale, who was likewise accused of spilling data related to a US drone strike program.

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