US Military Base In Iraq Hit By Five Rockets, No Casualties Reported

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US military base in Anbar province of Iraq was hit by multiple rockets on Tuesday. The rockets came from an unknown location; no casualties or damages reported

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A US military base in the Anbar province of Iraq was hit by multiple rockets on Tuesday. The rockets were fired from an unknown location, targeting the Ain al-Assad airbase. No casualties or damages were reported following the incident. At least five rockets hit the Ain al-Assad military base, confirmed by the Iraqi military. 

Rocket attack on US military base

The incident took place days after US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen visited the base to meet the soldiers stationed there. Pence visited the airbase to meet American soldiers ahead of Thanksgiving Day. US President Donald Trump also visited the base to greet American soldiers in 2018 ahead of Christmas. 

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The base belonged to the Iraqi military before America's invasion of the war-torn country in 2003. It was built in the 1980s and was named Qadisiyah by the Iraqi military but was renamed to Al-Assad after US troops took over in 2003. Al-Assad means 'The Lion' in Arabic. 

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Al-Assad has served as one of the largest US military bases in Iraq before the American soldiers withdrew from the country in 2011. US troops were deployed again to the base in 2014, following the rise of IS in the region. Iraq has been dealing with anti-government protests for the past several months that resulted in Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi's resignation on December 1.

The ongoing civil-disobedience protest demands an end to growing corruption, unemployment in the country. According to international media, the civilians are demanding the end of the political system that was established by the US after Sadam Hussein's government was ousted in 2003. 

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Amid a spate of an anti-government protest in Iraq, top US general, Mark Milley visited the country on Tuesday. The recent protests in Iraq and Iran have provided the United States with a chance to reduce Tehran's influence in the region. Iran is the only country in the region that continues to challenge American interests.

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