US: President Trump Lashes Out On Media And Calls It 'corrupt'

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President Donald Trump lashes out on media and called a journalist “corrupt”. He also denoted all news against him as “fake” and that it is all just a "hoax".

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The United States President, Donald Trump held a joint press conference on October 2 with the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö where he addresses the questions about the ongoing impeachment inquiry against him. He lashes out on media and called a journalist “corrupt”. Earlier that day, he also denoted all news against him as “fake” and that it is all a “hoax”. The journalist who asked about the content of his talks with the Ukranian President related to Joe Biden's son, he called out the media personnel as “people who play into the hoax” and publish the news that is false. 

Trump lashes out on Media

President Trump believes that there are find people in the media industry, However, to a “great extent” it is corrupt and it is also fake. The US leader called himself a “very stable genius” who notes what he says in a conversation. While referring to an international media house, Donald Trump also says that the country would be “far greater” when they don't have people who are corrupt people. When asked about the released report that stated that the staff member of Adam Schiff, the House Intel Chairman met with the whistleblower, Trump was seen happy about the question and also expressed that he is surprised that the media posted it. He further says, “maybe they are getting better” and also that "Schiff is a fraud".

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'The press has gone crazy'

While taking on twitter to react on various media houses and statements made by journalists on border security, President Trump also said that the press has “gone crazy”. Earlier, while talking about his impeachment, and the outcomes of the same, he has also said that it might lead to a Civil-war like fracture in the system. President Trump has been adamant about the fact that he has not done anything wrong, while the opposition along with Shiff is constantly fabricating the statements to turn it all against him. In the joint conference, he also acknowledged the entire thing as a “scam, both the 2016 Mueller investigation as well as the present inquiry. 

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