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US Researchers Find Antimicrobial Coating Kills Coronavirus For 90 Days

Just one application of a specially formulated anti-microbial coating can keep surfaces clear of human coronavirus for up to 90 days, preliminary study reported

US Researchers find Antimicrobial coating that kills coronavirus for 90 days

Just one application of a specially formulated anti-microbial coating can keep surfaces clear of coronavirus for up to 90 days, a preliminary study reportedly revealed. The research paper published earlier on May 15, discovered that virus on coated surfaces reduces by 90 per cent in 10 minutes and by 99.9 per cent in two hours. The study was published University of Arizona (UA)and has yet not been peer-reviewed.

For the purpose of the research, the UA team tested a coating of the substance specifically designed to act against the virus that was developed by a company that funded their research, Allied Bioscience. According to reports, the test was conducted on human coronavirus 229E, which is similar in structure and genetics SARS-CoV-2 but causes only mild cold and was safer to use. The scientists suggested that the coating works by “denaturing” the virus proteins, that is, effectively twisting them out of shape and attacking its protective layer of fat. 

To be applied every 3 months

The scientists remarked that the colourless substance is to be sprayed on surfaces and reapplied every three to four months. Speaking to international media reporters, Charles Gera, a microbiologist and senior author of the study reckoned that it was most important for high use surfaces like that of public transport. Calling the technology, the “next advancement in infection control”, he said that it wasn’t a substitute for regular cleaning but it covered between regular disinfecting and cleaning.

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He further said that he and his colleagues had been discussing how to make the environment safer for students after they return from lockdown and antimicrobial coating on door handles and tabletops would provide to be useful. This comes as the coronavirus pandemic has killed 308,654 across the globe. 

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Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has lauded Indian-Americans scientists and researchers for their efforts in developing medicines and vaccine for the deadly coronavirus. Trump said the US was closely working with India to tackle the pandemic. "We have a tremendous Indian population in the United States and many of the people that you are talking about are working on the vaccine too. Great scientists and researchers," Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden of the White House. He was responding to the Indian-American community's appreciation of his fight against the coronavirus.

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