US: Trump's Impeachment Hearings To Be Televised, Republicans Call It A 'sham'

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The House Intelligence Committee will finally hold the first public hearing of impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump will be televised.

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The House Intelligence Committee will finally hold the first public hearing of impeachment inquiry against United States President Donald Trump which will be televised on November 13 and 15. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of House Intelligence Committee said that the first open hearings will be from William Taylor and George Kent on Wednesday followed by Marie Yovanovitch's testimony on Friday. According to Schiff, there are a number of 'impeachable offenses' committed by Donald Trump including high crimes and misdemeanors. President Trump will be the third US president who might get impeached after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton in 1868 and 1998 respectively. 

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Betrayal to the constitution

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on November 8 the official impeachment inquiry has uncovered some significant betrayals to the US constitution along with certain profound patriotism by the government officials. Pelosi also confirmed the meeting saying that the House has been following the evidence that has made Donald Trump's own words on his call with the Ukrainian President, 'more appalling'. Furthermore, the proposed resolution will provide the structure to the next phase of the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and make it public so that the citizens are also aware of the discoveries made throughout the investigation. According to Speaker Pelosi, the resolution will also authorise the disclosure of deposition transcripts, and transfer the evidence to the Judiciary Committee.  

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'Sham impeachment' 

President Trump along with his Republican supporters have repeatedly addressed the entire impeachment inquire as 'sham' or hoax' against the President. The American constitution reportedly gives the House a broad authority to set rules for the impeachment inquiry. While Democrats say that they are following the house rules on the probe, the Republicans accuse the 'do nothing Dems' of being afraid and involving even lesser people in the investigation. The officials who back President Trump in the process have also complained that Speaker Pelosi along with Chairman Adam Schiff is conducting the investigations in the dark. 

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